Wednesday, March 5, 2008


So i am currently in my junior year at OSU-Tulsa im taking 4 classes, Finance, Calculus, Prin. of Management and Marriage and Family. They are all going pretty well except for the Finance class and Calculus, I dont know what the heck is wrong with me and why am i not good at math!? wth??? oh well..if i can just make it through this semester i will be officially done w/all math classes! That will be absolutely wonderful! Oh well off to make some Hamburger Helper high in fat and calories but cheap! lol Have a wonderful evening!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

First Blog

Well, welcome to our blog. Superboy would be my husband, Brandon and Freckles would be me, Stephanie. We have been married for almost 4 years and have 4 dogs (Cuda: American Stafforshire Terrier, Hemi: Rat terrier/cocker spaniel, Bella: American Staffordshire Terrier and our newest, Cooper: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.) and about ohhhh...6 cats. Oh! and one pet mouse who hasnt been named yet. He works at Trinity Restoration doing what he loves to do: Restoring classic cars, and I work at Chase Bank, currently a Teller but hoping to progress and continue on with the company for as long as possible.
Im a Junior at OSU-Tulsa, GO POKES! majoring in Business Management w/a minor in marketing and he is pursuing his Public Relations/Advertising Degree. We're like most any ol'married couple. We like going to movies and going out to dinner. We're both very much into cars, attend as many car shows as we can and have old cars as well. Well thats all for now...u know what they say: Always leave 'em wantin more!